Spring Break Mission — House From The Ground Up

Spring Break Mission…The House From The Ground Up

Four years ago during a pre-trip for McFarlin’s Spring Break Mission I met a family in a desperate situation. A mom and her 4 children, 2 of them with special needs, had just lost their husband/father. Sitting in the yard outside their very, very run down trailer home was the markings for a new house the father was starting to build when he died.

I so badly wanted for our spring break mission team that year to build this family a new house, but no matter how we tried to make this happen it was more than we could tackle. But God was opening doors I didn’t even know about at the time.

A church in Texas was building homes for families in the Rio Grande Valley, and there were was able to build a home for the family mentioned above, and we had the chance to see how they did it. As a result, The House From The Ground Up at McFarlin was born.

A collaboration between the McFarlin Student Ministries, the McFarlin Methodist Men, and the McFarlin Missions Committee, was born and this spring break we are building our 3rd house in the Rio Grande Valley.


This year the House From The Ground Up is being built for a woman named Maria and her 3 children.  Like many people in the Rio Grande Valley, Maria and her children fell through the cracks and didn’t get FEMA money that was available after many storms.  The trailer that Maria’s family was living in was literally falling apart around them when a local organization became aware of their need, and through our contacts in the Rio Grande Valley we committed to building them a new home.

The 2017 Phase 1 Team was an incredible group of 24 adults who traveled to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas from February 23 to March 4.  Some stayed the entire time, while others were there for part of Phase 1.  Bob Warner and George Shepherd led this group, and they accomplished a ton of work!  

Here is part of the story of Phase 1:

During the Spring Break Mission, a team of high school  students, college students, and adults are working to finish the House From The Ground Up.  Here is part of their story…


A Walk Through of the House From The Ground Up