VBS Donations

Are you looking for a way to give back? Are you not able to serve at VBS but would like to contribute to VBS? Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to find a new home for your boxes, craft supplies, or more?

Donate to VBS!

Donations can be brought to the Children’s Ministry Office (room 210). We are in need of the following items (if you aren’t sure what an item is, just click on it for an example!):

Toilet Paper Rolls (50)
Straws (500)
Plastic Hangers (50)
Dryer vent hoses
Boxes of all sizes
Slinkies of all colors and sizes
Empty paint cans (cleaned out, please!)
White Christmas/outdoor lights (15 strands – can be used or new)
Primary colored paper plates (round and square)
Disposable table cloths in solid, primary colors
Poster-sized cardboard tubes
Drawer liners (non adhesive, grip, 2 rolls)
Pipe cleaners (any color)
Black construction paper (1 pack of 100 sheets)
Colored construction paper
Zippers (6 of any color or size)
Modeling clay
Black tri-fold boards (6)
Glow in the dark neon markers (3 boxes)
Unbreakable Test Tubes with stand
3M command picture hanging strips (look like velcro)
Gray Lego mats (2)
Old Legos
Submersible lights
Dissolving paper
Crepe paper (partially used rolls is perfect!)
Post-it note strips 
Glow sticks (1 dozen)
Ribbon (any size and color, partial spools is fine)
Kaleidoscope lights (2, any color except red, can be returned to owner if labelled)
Clothes pin lights (2)
Gallon zip lock bags (1 box)
Tempera paint (any color, partially used bottles are great!)
Fabric strips (any color or design)
Battery-operated votives/tea lights
Mardi gras beads (20, any color)
Feathers (any size, color)
Old magazines (that are appropriate for children!)
1 lb box of salt (3)
Tape (packing, duct, painter’s, mavalus)
Fishing line
Baby wipes
Paper towels