Our Story

How We Got Our Name

In 1890 Robert M. McFarlin and his wife, Ida Barnard McFarlin, moved from Texas to engage in cattle farming and also opened a feed store.

The McFarlin’s only son, Robert Boger, was born here December 18, 1891. Tragically, young Robert died of typhoid fever nineteen months and 10 days later on July 28, 1893. During that sad time, the McFarlins were the beneficiaries of much sympathetic care and Christian concern by the local M.E. South congregation. This kindness was never forgotten.

When the WW I veterans began returning to the University of Oklahoma, two facts were obvious to members of the M.E. South congregation. Their church on “Silk Stocking Row” in the north part of Norman, was “off the beaten path,” and the little church where they had worshiped for more than twenty years was outgrown and obsolete. They also recognized the challenge to the church created by large numbers of Methodist and unchurched students coming to the University.

Having had tremendous success as an oil man, Mr. McFarlin offered to build a new church in Norman in memory of his infant son. He did so with two stipulations – first, that he would pay all the bills, and second, it was to be so well built that “if a tornado tried to blow it over, it would still hold together.”

In 1924, the building of McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church was completed with the dedication and purpose that the church would be a house of worship for the youth of Oklahoma and the people of Norman, and whomsoever may find it in their heart to worship here.

McF Architectural Drawing