Our Mission

Changing Lives that Change the World

We can accomplish so much with the Holy Spirit working in and through us, but our strength is drawn from the collective love and sacrifice of each of us making decisions to live out this mission together.

Hardly a week goes by that a person or group from McFarlin isn’t visiting a prison or a hospital, at a disaster site or in our own Food Pantry serving those in need. When an Alzheimer’s caregiver feels alone or a grieving family needs a place to turn, McFarlin reaches out in love. When the children and students of our community respond to that special nudge from Jesus to explore their faith, it’s through the people of McFarlin that they can do that. And through the voices of our choirs and the ringing of our bells, people encounter the living God. It is the nature of the Holy Spirit to expand and love and reach, and those holy moments change lives and transform the world.