Year of Discipleship: Taking Up the Ways of Jesus

Discipleship – learning to live as Jesus did – is at the heart of our Christian faith. Jesus had plenty of followers, but how many disciples did he have? What made disciples stand apart? Now is a critical time for us, as a church, to focus on discipleship, on becoming and behaving more like Jesus.

Throughout the year – in our sermon series, in church-wide and small group studies, in our children’s and student ministries, and in every area of our church – we are going to explore and emphasize the essential elements of an active faith life, of the life of a disciple.

We’ll provide digital discipleship resources through:

  • our weekly, all-church email blast (sign up here)
  • the McFarlin app (download here)
  • Amplify Media – a new curriculum streaming service that is distinctly Wesleyan in its content

Our intention is that throughout the year together, we will experience new life … our ministries, new vitality … and our faith, revival. It’s our calling, and it is what our world needs now.

Want to know more? CLICK HERE for a special message from Pastor Linda.