Bonus Years // May

Bonus Years Luncheon // May 5

  • Wednesday, May 5 at 10:30AM in Fenn Hall
  • RSVP to Greta Watson-Pigg BY WEDNESDAY, APR. 28 at or 321-3484, ext. 108 (Reservations must be made one week prior to the luncheon in order to adequately prepare for meals)
  • $7/person at the door

This month’s special speaker: We are so glad to be able to gather together for lunch and fellowship! Join us as we hear Richie Splitt, CEO of Norman Regional health System speak on “Inspire Health,” including information on the future of the health system.

Bonus Years Day Trip // May 20

We’re ready to get out of the house with our friends so Let’s Go!

  • Thursday, May 20th: we’ll leave at 9:15 from McFarlin 
  • Destination: Quirky Hidden Gems of OKC (Women Pilots museum, Pearl’s Crabtown restaurant, American Pigeon Museum)
  • DEADLINE to register: May 12th (Trip Forms/$15 fee must be submitted to Greta)
  • Questions? Need to register? Contact Greta Watson-Pigg at or 321-3484, ext. 108

Schedule for the day:

  • First we’ll tour the 99s Museum of Women Pilots
  • For lunch (dutch treat) we’ll head to Pearl’s Crabtown, a bustling seafood restaurant in a renovated warehouse with quirky, eclectic furnishings.
  • After lunch we’ll venture to the American Pigeon Museum, where we learn about this amazing bird and how it has earned its reputation as man’s oldest feathered friend. This is a modern museum dedicated to the history and heritage of domestic pigeons, with exhibits and live birds.