Fall at McFarlin

Fall at McFarlin means new opportunities to study & serve.
Take a look at our discipleship & service options below, then join us in Changing Lives That Change the World!


DISCIPLESHIP means looking to Jesus to look more like Jesus.  Jump into a small group or study opportunity this fall, & watch your faith grow!
Below are just a few of the opportunities available this fall:

God Space Growth Group // Sunday Mornings // Begins Aug. 25 // Pastor Devon dkrause@mcfarlinumc.org

Group Connection // Sunday, Aug. 25 // Join a Sunday school or small group!  // Eve Hawley ehawley@mcfarlinumc.org

Ways We Talk (formerly Lifetree) // Sunday Nights @ OU Library, Room LL118 // Begins Sept. 8 // Pastor Devon dkrause@mcfarlinumc.org

Youth Bible Study // Wednesday nights // Begins Aug. 21 // Scott Meier smeier@mcfarlinumc.org

Lunch With the Pastors // Sunday, Sept. 15  // RSVP to Eve Hawley ehawley@mcfarlinumc.org

Invitation to the Old Testament // Tuesday evenings // Begins Sept. 24, led by Russ Tresner // Eve Hawley ehawley@mcfarlinumc.org

3rd Grade Expedition // Wednesday evenings // Begins October 23 // Sandy Minty sminty@mcfarlinumc.org

SERVICE You’ve got what it takes! Will you consider sharing your gifts in service to others this fall?
Once a week or once a month, with kids or adults, at church or on site…there are lots of ways of
Changing Lives That Change the World.
Below are just a few of the opportunities available this fall:

Elementary Sunday School // Sunday Mornings // Sandy Minty sminty@mcfarlinumc.org

Children, Youth, and Adult Choir // starts Mid-August // John Morrow jmorrow@mcfarlinumc.org

Food Pantry // Tuesdays & Thursdays // Year-Round // Pastor Wendi wneal@mcfarlinumc.org

Partner School Buddies // starts in September // Pastor Wendi wneal@mcfarlinumc.org

Mobile Food Pantry // starts in September // Pastor Wendi wneal@mcfarlinumc.org

Project SHINE // Oct 9-10 (during Fall Break) at McFarlin // Bonny Coats bcoats@mcfarlinumc.org