Here and Now

Join us on Saturday, Aug. 11 as Dr. Amy Oden guides us through what it means to be mindful & present with God.

Dr. Amy Oden, Professor of Early Church History & Spirituality at Saint Paul School of Theology in Oklahoma City, OK
Born & raised on the prairies of Oklahoma, Amy has found her spiritual home under the wide-open sky.
Her passion is to introduce spiritual practices that can ground and nourish lives for justice in the world.

Tickets are $10 and include lunch plus Dr. Oden’s latest book,
“Right Here Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness.”
Note:  Book is only included on pre-sale tickets.

For more information, please contact Dottie Kasey at
This event is sponsored by McFarlin United Methodist Women and the Hengst Lecture Series.

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NOTE: Tickets will also be available for purchase in our Atrium on Sundays.  If you do register online, please print out your confirmation and take it to the table in the Atrium to get your ticket and book.

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