House From The Ground Up (2018)

Phase 1 Team

March 1 – 10, 2018

Rio Grande Valley of South Texas

Information Meeting For Those Interested in Learning More:

Sunday, October 29 at 12:15pm
Room 222 at McFarlin


In March 2018 McFarlin will build their 4th House From The Ground Up.  This is a join ministry of the McFarlin Student Ministries, the McFarlin United Methodist Men, and the McFarlin Missions Committee.  The House From The Ground Up is connected with the Student Ministries Spring Break Mission.

Phase 1 of the House From The Ground Up is the team that serves in the Rio Grande Valley, March 1 – 10, 2018.  This team starts the house and works to complete as much as they can. 

Phase 2 of the House From The Ground Up is the team that is part of the Student Ministries Spring Break Mission that works to complete the house.  In 2017 this was a team of primarily college students and adults.  In 2018, the goal is for this to be a team of adults and college students working together.

Phase 3, if necessary, is team from the Rio Grande Valley or a team from another church that will finish what we are unable to finish.


Do I have to go the entire time, March 1 – 10, 2018?
NO! For each of the 3 past years, most of the Phase 1 team did not stay the entire time.

Do I need any particular construction skills?
Nope!  Just a willing and open heart to serving in the name of Christ.  If you do have particular skills they can come in handy.

Where do we stay?
There are two options while serving on the Phase 1 Team:  First is to stay at First United Methodist Church in Mercedes, Texas. This means staying on the floor on an air mattress or cot.
Second option is staying in a hotel. This adds about $65 per night to a participant’s cost. Two people could share a room and that cost could be shared (two beds is an option).

What About Meals?
Meals are covered in the cost of the trip.  Breakfast is provided at the church or the hotel (depending where you are staying), lunch is provided at the construction site, and dinner is served at the church.  The team also goes out to eat one night (we try to choose a night when the most people on the team are there).
We also have spots on the team to help with meal coordination.