Study with us during Lent



Each of us at some point finds ourselves in the wilderness — a place where we feel vulnerable, banished or forgotten. The story of God’s people tells us how to live faithfully through such times and how to help others do the same. 

Join us for this challenging series and study as we travel the wilderness of Lent together. 

Look for the small group study guide coming soon! 

  • Small Group & Sunday School classes: Use the study guide on your own OR join a small group or Sunday school class! Click here for a Small Group list or Click here for a Sunday school list.

  • Lenten Growth Group: Join Pastor Wendi on Sunday mornings as she leads a Lenten growth group. BEGINS Sunday, Mar. 10 | 9:40AM in Meyer Hall

  • Lectio Divina Groups: This style of study includes meditation, journaling, listening, and sharing. We have two groups open with 12 spots available in each group.
    Men’s Group: Led by Ken McBride and Phil Fenn | Women’s Group: Led by Katrina McBride & Pastor Linda. Both groups will meet Wednesdays at 7PM beginning Mar. 13. To sign up, please email Eve Hawley at