Married People Date Night

My Favorite

Here’s one thing you may or may not have thought of lately—you picked your spouse because they were your favorite. They picked you because you were their favorite. So why not spend some time celebrating your favorite?

Because while they are still your favorite, some of your other favorites may have changed over the years. Maybe you don’t like the color blue as much as you did when everything in your life had to be blue at age 11. Or that song you put on repeat a year ago is now annoying. But some favorites stay the same. Spend some time on this date seeing each other more CLEARLY as you explore each other’s current favorites.

Get Ready
Ask each other, “What is your current favorite food?” If you can find a restaurant that serves both your favorites, go out to eat there. If not, consider getting take out from your two favorites and have a picnic—even if it’s nighttime.

Go Out
Our favorites change over time. Over dinner, or while picnic-ing, ask each other for an update on what are your current favorites for the following. Write them down. They may come in handy at some point:

• color
• song
• restaurant
• book
• hobby
• movie/TV show
• app (if you have a smart phone)
• indulgence
• vacation (past trip you’ve taken)
• funny online video (you can get your phone out for this one)

Now, tell your spouse what your current favorite thing is about them.
We said “current” because your spouse has many awesome traits, but you just have to name one right now.

Dare Me (optional)
When you get in the car, find a song you both like and sing it to each other. Or lip sync it. But have fun being goofy in the car together. If you want to take to the next level, video it.

Keep It Going
This week, post a picture of your spouse on social media with the words “My favorite.” Or text your spouse with the words “You’re my favorite.” (Or both.)