McFarlin Childcare (Day Care/CDO)

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McFarlin CDO and Day Care Ministries: Nurturing Children & their Families 

McFarlin’s Children’s Ministry is ready to welcome your little one for learning, friendship & fun, all within a loving and distinctly Christian setting. We’re currently operate with a full range of Covid-19 precautions to reduce spread of the virus. McFarlin knows that families come in all shapes and sizes, and we celebrate this! At McFarlin Day Care and Children’s Day Out, childcare is not a business, it’s a life-giving, world-changing ministry. We hope you’ll consider letting McFarlin become part of your family’s life.  

Each of our staff members brings high-quality training and a dedication to families to their work in both our Day Care and Children’s Day Out. Our directors guide the Children’s Ministry programs to support families through clear and frequent communications, creative approaches to serving individual needs and attention to the well-being of the whole child. 

Day Care Details:

For more information and to apply, contact our Day Care Director Justine Martin at 329-2170 or 

Children’s Day Out Details: 

For more information and to apply, contact our Children’s Day Out Director Michelle Dykes at 329-2170 or