United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women is open to ALL women. Our purpose is to know God, to develop supportive fellowship by encouraging one another in spiritual growth and personal development and to serve others through local and global ministries. . We invite you to join our fellowship as we minister through mission and grow spiritually, educationally, and personally.  McFarlin’s UMW unit of over 165 women, in keeping with our diverse membership, is divided into small groups that meet weekly, bi-monthly,
or monthly during the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Our Circles:

Circle 2 | Wednesdays (2nd & 4th) | 6:00 PM
This group of young women share fellowship and participate in UMW studies. Childcare is available by calling Kristy Varva in advance at (405) 321-3484.
For more information, contact Rhonda Gentry at (405) 613-0379.

Circle 3 | Friday (2nd & 4th) | 12:45 PM
This group meets at Rivermont Retirement Community. For more information, contact Annette Dennis at (918) 270-0527.

Circle 4 | Tuesdays (2nd & 4th) | 10:00 AM
For more information, contact Pat Leveridge at (405) 329-3442.

Circle 5 | Wednesdays | 9:30 AM
This group shares fellowship, discussion, prayer, mission projects, and studies books with a blend of Scripture and modern Christian living.
For more information, contact Carol Warner at (405) 573-0468.

Circle 6 | Tuesday, January 9, March 13, May 8, July 10, September 11, November 13 at 9:30 AM
UMW Reading Program Book Discussion Group Contact: Peggy Irby, 360-7573.

Circle 7 | Tuesdays (1st & 3rd) | 11:30 AM
The mostly retirement age women of this group share fellowship and a pizza lunch together followed by the UMW mission study.
For more information, contact Mary Eva Johnson at (405) 310-2770.

Circle 8 | Mondays (2nd & 4th) | 7:00 PM
This group meets in member’s homes and consists of mainly working women who share fellowship and UMW studies.
For more information, contact Libby Waldenville at (405) 329-7539.