Did You Know? Important Info for Parents with Children…

Do you know how to identify a staff member in the nursery?
All classroom staff wear a blue staff shirt so they can be easily identified.


Do you know how to enter the nursery when you do not know the door code?
There is a doorbell at each entrance.  Please ring that and someone will come let you in.

Do you know how to learn the latest door code to the locked nursery doors? 
Any classroom staff member or the director would be happy to teach you the code.  It is sometimes helpful to put it in the notes of your phone so you can refer back to it and not have to wait for someone to assist you.

Do you know that there are places in the nursery to comfortably nurse your child?  
We have several places in the nursery that you may chose from.  There is an empty classroom with a rocking chair.  There is a private nursing room with a lifestream of the Sanctuary Service.

Did you know you can watch the service with your child while they play?  
We have one classroom in the nursery with a lifestream of the Sanctuary Service on a large tv. Come play and watch together.  We just ask that you help your child pick up before they leave.

Did you know that we follow the Cokesbury Deep Blue Curriculum for Sunday School and Children’s Worship?
You may go to www.deepbluekids.com for more information and interactive opportunities.

Did you know that we offer Children’s Worship during the 10:55 services?
This is a time when the children from the Fish, Sheep and Stars classes (3 by September 1 through Kindergarten) come together for an age appropriate praise and worship time in the Stars room in the nursery area. 

Did you know that there are Children’s Worship bags located in the worship services?  These are bags for your children to borrow during service?  
These bags have activity or coloring books, crayons, and more for the children to explore while they listen in service.  

   worhip child bag2worhip child bag

Did you know that your Early Childhood Director and staff want to hear your ideas, comments and needs?
We really enjoy the children and families and are here to glorify God in the way we care for you and your child.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions and share ideas in person or contact Sandy Minty sminty@mcfarlinumc.org