Food Pantry



Due to the snowstorm, McFarlin has taken the following steps to keep our staff and volunteers safe:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 17
    • Building and Childcare Facilities CLOSED
  • Thursday, Feb. 18
    • Building and Childcare Facilities: TBD (will update soon)
    • Food Pantry CLOSED 
  • Saturday, Feb. 20:
    • Mobile Food Pantry will be OPEN at McFarlin: 10-11:30AM for Madison, Jackson and Irving partner schools.

Facts & Figures:

  • Please Note NEW HOURS: 10AM – 4PM (with no lunch break)
  • We serve residents of Norman, Noble and Little Axe with a picture ID and current proof of residence.
  • Aldersgate offers two ground-floor entrances including a handicap ramp that allows clients to unload groceries directly into their car from the alley.
  • Handicapped residents may use the door-to-door CART service or the regular CART system that stops on Webster just east of the church.

Available Offerings:

  • A grocery bag of canned/dry goods including: a box of mac and cheese, dry beans or rice, canned soup and beans, canned green veggie, canned orange/yellow veggie, canned tomatoes, one canned fruit, spaghetti sauce, pasta, canned tuna, a small jar of peanut butter, jelly and cereal.
  • Frozen items offered include: wieners, margarine and choice of meat or sometimes berries.
  • A quart of whole or 2 % milk
  •  We also offer REMs (Ready-to-Eat Meals) which include ready to eat foods/snacks for those that might be homeless and don’t have access to a kitchen/stove.
  •  Additional items for give-a-way (subject to availability) include: bagels, bread items, snack items (energy or nutrition bars), hygiene items, toilet paper, diapers/wipes, feminine items, baby food, produce, any grocery or canned items whose dates have not expired.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Work a 3 hour shift per month. Each shift is staffed by two volunteers in the morning or afternoon.
  • Be a shopper. These shoppers help buy what is needed and deliver it directly to the food pantry.
  • Be a Sacker. You are responsible for filling the sacks so they are ready for distribution on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Be an un-loader/stocker. We need strong volunteers to unload boxed items and distribute cans on the shelves, at 11:00 a.m. on 1st and 3rd Mondays.
  • Be a Donor. In addition to your annual tithe, you can make a yearly or bi-annual donation for the food pantry.
  • Donate produce from your garden or canned/dry goods from your own pantry.
  • Watch our Bulletin/Announcements for items needed  that month in the food pantry and drop them off at our Giving Tree or tubs around the church building.
    McFarlin members are needed to work 2-3 shifts each month. Each shift is staffed with four volunteers in the morning or afternoon.
    (*For more information, contact Mary Sallee at