Utilities Assistance

Utilities Assistance Program
Thursday mornings registration begins at 8:30AM in Room 229.
PLEASE ARRIVE BY 8:30AM to get your name on the list.

Instructions for the process are given at 9AM including the order guests will be seen. Those who come after 9AM will be seen last.

Assistance is available during these hours only, and no exceptions will be made. We have limited funds and guidelines to follow, therefore some bills may not be paid.

Guidelines include:

  • We assist people who live in Norman, Noble, and Little Axe only.
  • We do not pay¬†rental/mortgage assistance or deposits.
  • We do not pay cable or phone bills.
  • Bills cannot be over $300.
  • We cannot pay deposits or usage from other address.

Information to bring with you in order to be seen:

  • Complete utility bill being considered for payment.
  • Pay stubs or other income information for the last 30 days.
  • Proof that your rent/mortgage is paid for the current month.
  • Photo ID.
  • Information regarding all residents of the household.
  • Other expense information for the last 30 days.