Mission Summit // RE-PLAY

Mission Summit // RE-PLAY

This Mission Summit, which took place on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, was a great event!  We are aware there were people who wanted to attend but, for whatever reason, were unable.

You can watch the Mission Summit, which took place on Zoom, HERE

As a follow up to the Summit, participates have been invited to fill out a brief questionnaire. This will serve as feedback on the summit, as well as an opportunity for participants to explore how they can live out a “MIssional” life.  The questionnaire is HERE

If you are uncertain of your Spiritual Gifts, which can be so helpful in determining how you will live out a “Missional” life, you can take an assessment HERE

Ready to get involved?  Want to talk more about what being part of a “Missional Church” looks like, contact Scott Meier, director of missions and community outreach, at smeier@mcfarlinumc.org .