Prayer Walk for the Missions Center

June 4 // Open from 9:30-11:30am

Who: You! The people of McFarlin and all who want to pray for our church.

What: A Prayer Walk encircling the campus of McFarlin while praying for the building, people and ministry. Specifically stopping to pray over the new mission center under construction.

When: Sunday, June 4, open from 9:30-11:30am

Where: Click the button above to view the map or pick up a hard copy in the Fenn Hall lobby or Atrium.

How: Start at the SE entrance sliding glass doors and walk around the block praying for the building, people, and ministry. Take time to stop at the new mission center to pray. Sharpies will be available to write scripture or prayers on the wall studs as a way of asking God to guide and bless the work that will be done there.

Why: As we physically circle the entire McFarlin campus, we are demonstrating that this is important, to us and to God. A Prayer Walk puts our prayers into action … praying for the building, the people, the community, and all we can minister to and serve in the name of Jesus!