Scholarship for Student Ministry Event

Request for Scholarship

We don’t want money to ever stand in the way of someone participating in a McFarlin Student Ministries event.  That being said, we work hard to set costs that are affordable, while make sure we are being good stewards of the resources we have been blessed with.

If you need a scholarship for a Student Ministries event, please fill out the below form.  The purpose of this form is to help us budget accordingly as we plan for ministry events.  

We do ask that, if at all possible, you contribute some amount towards your cost.

If you have any questions, please contact:  Scott Meier ( / 405-819-4363)

Student Ministries Scholarship Application

**IMPORTANT** When you submit this form, you will be re-directed to a confirmation page. Before submitting, please check that ALL FIELDS are filled in correctly. Fields with an asterisk are required. If you do not fill out the required fields or fill something out incorrectly, the form WILL NOT submit.