Us, Explained

Sunday, March 3 | 3-6PM

Isn’t it marvelous that God made each of us unique? But sometimes it makes our partner and relationship seem really puzzling. 

Us, Explained offers McFarlin couples a priceless opportunity to learn about ourselves and our partners by using the same personality survey tool employed by the most successful corporations, churches and leaders across the nation. 

After registering online, participants will complete a digital survey, then meet March 3 at McFarlin to deep-dive into our results with help from James Roberts, CEO of iDynamx, the company providing the survey. Together we’ll learn how, by honoring the way we’re each made, we can create a thriving, satisfying relationship. 

The cost of the event is $25/couple and will help cover the cost of the survey and guest speaker. We believe this investment is worth every penny.

Each person registering will receive an email directing them to the digital survey. Make sure that each participant has a UNIQUE email in the registration. The program cannot send multiple surveys to the same email address.