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Though we are many, we are one in Christ Jesus.  

As God’s people, we share so much, and our deeply rooted unity can be a powerful witness to a hurting world. Join us starting April 11 for a challenging, timely sermon series and all-church study, 

Together that the World May Know
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Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship: Join us for worship each Sunday as we take a look at the 7 shared values that Paul talks about in the scriptures.

Living into our Authentic Community focus: McFarlin, this study of our “togetherness” is profoundly connected to our 2021 focus on growing as authentic people within an authentic community. 

In particular, Together that the World May Know relates to two of our eight Authentic Community Principles: 

  • Principle 3: Authentic community is a place where wisdom about how to live emerges from honest conversation centered on God’s Word.
  • Principle 8: Authentic community is a place where we are centered on the good news of Jesus Christ and recognize that God is doing something transformative in and through us. 

For more on authentic community, click here.

Study Guide // Print & Digital

Study Guide: Each week we’ll use a study guide to take a closer look at the 7 shared values and how they strengthen us as the church to fulfill our mission of Changing Lives That Change the World through the love and grace of Jesus. Printed study guides will be available starting Easter Sunday.

Weekly Video Lessons

Weekly Video Lessons: Each week we’ll release a short teaching video led by our pastors. These 10-15 minute videos will be a great resource to study the scripture text with each of our pastors. The videos will be released weekly and will be available on our youtube channel and right here on this page.


Inspired by N.T. Wright

In creating study materials and weekly sermons for this series, Pastors Rockford, Wendi and Trey found inspiration and great usefulness in several unpublished lectures by scholar, theologian and former Anglican Bishop N.T. WrightThe seven shared values we’ll explore in this series have their origins in Wright’s thoughtful work, and we are delighted to have his blessing as we undertake this challenging, important, heart-changing study of all that knits us together as the people of God. 

We encourage you to watch Pastor Rockford share his heart for the church to be one body for the mission of the gospel of Jesus.