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Changing Lives That Change the World

Starting Jan. 15 | “Searching for God: What We Believe & Why” is our start of the year six-week worship series that examines the concept of the Trinity and how our beliefs about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit might shape our daily lives. Join us as we explore and deepen our understanding of these central and unifying Christian beliefs. 

March 11-18 | This mission to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas is open to middle school students, high school students, college students, adults of all ages, and families. Our work will include repair homes, building wheelchair ramps, and leading a VBS at a local church. Register Here

What We Beleive about God

This is the first video for our “Searching for God: What We Believe & Why” Sermon Series. In this video you will see Pastors Wendi, Rockford and Trey explore what we believe about God—from breaking down Article One in the Articles of Religion of the Methodist Church (Faith and the Holy Trinity) to discussing how God has shown up in their own lives over the years.

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