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New Series starts July 10 // Join us for Encounter God where you’ll hear testimonies from your pastors and church leaders about how they’ve encountered God in their own life, hopefully opening ways for you to reflect on your own encounters with God. Study guides are available HERE or at the welcome areas around the church.

Do you have a heart to serve, but are unsure where to plug in? Check out our serve hub to find all of the opportunities we are offering. 

I'm New!

Starting Aug. 14 come explore what LOVE IS! Our fall sermon series is based on 1 Corinthians 13, the earliest Christian articulation of what love is, which describes love as the first and last, deepest and highest, of everything we are and do. Love is that which binds not just marriage, but family, friendship, and the church together. This scripture expresses the love of God among us as kind & holy, complex, resilient, sacrificial, non-anxious, mature, and friendly.