McFarlin Centennial Celebration

McFarlin Centennial Celebration 2024

Throughout 2024 we will be celebrating 100 years of life at McFarlin! From 1924 to 2024, countless lives have been changed, and we want you to be there with us!

Please save the date and RSVP your intentions for this weekend in 2024 when we’ll be marking our Centennial. In addition to wonderful worship on Sunday the 11th, we especially want to highlight the evening of August 10th for our Centennial Homecoming Banquet! This celebration will be one where we share stories and memories of McFarlin and we want YOU there.

While we know schedules can change, particularly with how far off 2024 is, we hope to make arrangements now with our venue and catering based on our RSVP’s. Please share this with everyone in your McFarlin church circle! Plan with your family, friends, and small group members to make sure that you have this saved on your calendar. Click here to view the Save the Date.

More details coming soon.