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McFarlin Childcare Center

McFarlin Childcare, a vital component of McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church’s Children’s Ministry, embodies inclusivity with a staff that embraces diversity and acceptance. At McFarlin, every individual is welcomed, valued, and cherished. We provide a secure and nurturing environment guided by the principles of Christ, fostering the holistic development and well-being of each child.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to maintaining a safe classroom environment while facilitating learning and play, encouraging each child’s unique qualities and creativity, and attending to their needs including rest, nutrition, and care. They strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, demonstrate and model appropriate behaviors, communicate regularly with families, share observations and insights with parents and directors, plan structured activities, and show respect to children and parents through their words and actions. 

Our directors play a crucial role in communicating to parents, valuing and incorporating parent feedback, modeling empathy and community with children, parents, and staff, and providing resources and training to equip staff for their roles and responsibilities.

McFarlin Children’s Day Out & Day Care are licensed and monitored by the State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS).

Children’s Day Out Details

Michelle D New-0253

Michelle Dykes

Director of Children’s Day Out

Day Care Details

Justine Martin

Director of Day Care