At McFarlin Memorial United Methodist, we are shaped by our three core values of Worship, Discipleship, & Missions. These three values give direction to our mission statement of Changing Lives That Change the World

We understand Discipleship as all of the intentional ways that help shape our faith outside of worship & mission. Our faith is formed both personally and communally, and we believe that you are never too young or too old for your faith to continue to grow! From engaging in prayer to discoveries in small groups, discipleship dives deeper into what we learn through worship and helps guide the way in which we live out our faith through mission.

Our church-wide focus for 2021 is The Year of Authentic Community. At a time when most of us long for deep fellowship and real community, McFarlin invites you to join us in nurturing and celebrating holy community. Together through 2021, we’ll explore the many ways the Light of God shines within and through the relationships of God’s people. Click Here to Learn More

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Check out the pages below to see the different ways you can grow your personal faith in community: