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Full Plates, Overflowing Cups

Series Starts June 2

Join us this summer for our sermon series, “Full Plates, Overflowing Cups.” In a world where our plates are often full, we find solace in the promise that our cups can overflow. Through a closer look at Psalm 23, we will explore God’s faithful provision, care, and guidance. This beloved Psalm will serve as a balm for our souls, reminding us that God, our Good Shepherd, is always at work within us. Even amidst the busyness, we can experience an abundance of God’s grace and love.

If you would like a light summer book to accompany this series, stop by and snag a copy of “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” by W. Phillip Keller. This insightful book offers reflections from a shepherd’s life, illustrating how God cares for us as the Good Shepherd. Perfect for your beach reading or break time!