The Art of Neighboring

Series Starts Feb. 26

Are you called to be a Christian neighbor? Have you ever considered being a creative neighbor in the style of Jesus? Over the course of the next six weeks you’ll be invited to faithfully journey with Jesus during Lent as we explore not just why, but how to engage in the creative life of a Christian neighbor.

While Lent is often an introspective time of the Christian year, we will be examining who our neighbors are that we may not know, what holds us back from engaging in positive proximate relationships and why sharing neighborly love is one of the many ways Jesus shows us and calls us to live our faithful lives.

How might being an artful neighbor help those in our surrounding spheres of influence come to know the gift of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection this Lenten season and beyond? Join us and others as we discover The Art of Neighboring!

Weekly Video Lessons