God at Work: Worshiping God Where We Are

Series Starts on Aug. 20

Where do you most often meet God? Or where does God most often meet you?

Our first thoughts of seeing God at Work might be when we sing our favorite song in church, during moments of prayer and Scripture reading, or those times we can step out of ordinary life and into service and mission to others.

Throughout Scripture, we most often see God at work outside of the church. Thinking of Jesus’ ministry, while he certainly worshiped and spent a lot of time with his disciples, Jesus was focused on connecting with everyday people, particularly those he didn’t meet inside the synagogue. This part of Jesus’ life mostly took place in open spaces like marketplaces, hillsides, poolsides, and even at gatherings and celebrations.

Jesus is the tangible way God is at Work in the world, and we still see God at Work today. As we return from the summer and look towards the Fall, our worship series “God at Work: Worshiping God Where We Are” will help us look for and celebrate the ways God is at Work in our homes, schools, businesses, neighborhoods, and McFarlin!

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