New Normal: Renewed Year. Renewed Faith.

Our first worship series of 2022, “New Normal,” will be accompanied by the book of James for four weeks. During this series we will be thinking about how in an ever-changing world we encounter disruptions to the normalcy of life. Sometimes, those disruptions become permanent—a new normal—and sometimes our new normal is the consistency of change.

With so much change, our faith rests on the ever-present, never-changing nature of God and the promise of Jesus Christ. How do we continue to find joy, peace, and meaning in times of turmoil? We can find our way forward by following Christ. He will help us navigate this “New Normal.”

Our small groups are encouraged to pair this four week series with NT Wright’s James: Bible Study Guides for Everyone. This incredibly accessible guide is designed to help you understand scripture in fresh ways with thoughtful questions, prayer suggestions and useful background and cultural information meant to help guide you or your group more deeply into God’s word and faith in God.