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How Will You Measure Your Life: Our Stewardship Focus

Like eager children measuring their growth, we, too, are excited to embark on a journey of growth in the upcoming year. At McFarlin United Methodist Church, we have been a vital and valuable part of the lives of children, students, families, and communities near and far. We welcome new faces finding faith and community among us, and we express our heartfelt gratitude to those who have called McFarlin home for many years, faithfully participating in difference-making ministries. We know that, as Christians, we measure our lives differently than the world does.

We are thrilled to introduce our annual stewardship campaign, themed “How Will You Measure Your Life.” Through your steadfast financial commitments, we can measure the immeasurable impact we collectively have on the lives of children, youth, families, and people of all ages locally and globally. Your generosity lights the path for transformative experiences and ensures our mission remains a guiding beacon!

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Digital Commitment Card for 2024 Annual Budget Giving