National & International Missions

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Scott Meier

Director of Missions & Community Outreach

We take the call of Jesus in Matthew 28 to “Go into all the world” very seriously. Our international missions have served in Tanzania, Haiti, Cuba, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Brazil, and other countries around the world. As we come out of Covid protocols in the coming months, we will be seeking ways to serve in the United States. 

McFarlin has been blessed to be able to partner with and support the ministry of Pastor Umba and Ngoy Kalangwa in Tanzania for many years. As you see from this video, what they have accomplished in the Name of Jesus Christ throughout Tanzania has been life-changing and impactful; it has addressed immediate needs and long-terms needs that have transformed the lives of so many people.

Thanks to the faithful giving of McFarlin people, we have been able to help support the Kalangwa’s efforts in Tanzania. And, we look forward to many amazing things in the years to come.

In late June 2023 we hope to send a team from McFarlin back to Tanzania. This will be our first mission there since the Summer of 2018! We are looking for people with a variety of skills to travel as ambassadors from McFarlin!  If you are interested in traveling on this mission, please contact Scott Meier via email or call the church 405-321-3484.