3rd Grade Bible Presentations & Expedition Class

Bible Presentations: Sunday, Oct. 16

Each year McFarlin presents the 3rd graders with their very own Bible. This is a gift beyond measure and we are so happy your child will be receiving theirs this fall. 

Bible Expedition: During The Expedition, we will explore how we got the Bible, how to use it, and the incredible things god teaches us every time we read it.  This class will take place Wednesday evenings starting Oct.19. Each night there will be a pizza dinner provided.

Expedition Schedule:

    • Oct. 19 // 6 – 7:30pm
    • Oct. 26 // 6 – 7:30pm
    • Nov. 2 // 6 – 7:30pm
    • Nov. 9 // 6 – 7:30pm

If you have questions, please contact Sandy Minty at 405-321-3484 or sminty@mcfarinumc.org

Register by Oct. 12

  • Please type how you would like your child's name to appear in the their Bible