New People, New Plan, New Potential

New People, New Plan, New Potential As we enter an exciting year for children, youth and families at McFarlin, we want to celebrate the ways that our young people have been flourishing and what’s in store for 2023. Children & Family Ministries has been blessed with the hiring of Katie Lanier as Director and Zach […]

Anchored: Finding Stability in the Storms

Anchored: Finding Stability in the Storms The world can be a weary place. A place that burdens each of us with concern for what others think of us, concern for how we take care of our families, concern for the evil we see in the world. Those burdens make us feel lost, broken and helpless. […]

Friendship in the Midst of Grief

Friendship in the Midst of Grief Have you ever had a moment in your life where you took a step back and marveled at the way God brought someone into your life at the exact moment you needed them the most? Maryann had one such moment two years ago when one of McFarlin’s Congregational Care […]

Fanning the Flame of Faith: Winter Retreat 2022

Fanning the Flame of Faith Winter Retreat 2022 at Camp Spark Faith starts with a spark. A split second of blinding light contained in a small, steady flame. Feed the flame and it can grow into an unstoppable force of light, consuming any darkness in its path. Experiencing God’s truth and love in Christ was […]

Deeply Rooted: Our Norman School Partnerships

DEEPLY ROOTED Our Norman School Partnerships It was a freezing winter day in 2015. Kristy Varva was the Children’s Director at McFarlin and she had just helped locate a coat and warm clothes for a mother and child who needed assistance from McFarlin’s outreach ministries. As a former educator, Kristy knows firsthand the challenges kids […]