Childcare Request Form for Participants and Coordinators


We are so glad that God has brought you here today!  We look forward to caring for your child/children at your reserved time.  

Please know that childcare is provided for every Sunday worship service throughout the year.  This form is for requesting childcare for Lenten or Advent special services, Bible Studies, small groups, volunteer opportunities, etc. If you would like more information on registering for our Day Care, Children’s Day Out, Summer Spectrum or Parent’s Night Out programs, please return to the main Children’s Ministry page

Please fill out the following electronic form to reserve care.  Gwen Gough will confirm your reservation by email. Please contact her at with any questions or cancellations.  We require notification of cancellation to best schedule our staff.

Have a blessed day!!!

Participant Childcare Request Form

If you are attending an event at McFarlin, you can request childcare by filling out this form. Contact Gwen Gough with any questions at

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator Childcare Request Form

If you are coordinating an event and would like to make childcare available for your participants, please fill out this form. Contact Gwen Gough at with any questions. Please also contact Gwen Gough if this event is cancelled. Childcare will begin 15 minutes prior to your event unless you request otherwise.
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