Children & Families Zoo Field Trip

Oct. 4 // 8-5pm // OKC Zoo

🦁 Join Us for a Roaring Adventure at the McFarlin Children & Families Zoo Field Trip! 🐯

Get ready for a wild and exciting day as we embark on a journey to the OKC Zoo! 🌿🐾

Hey there, awesome PreK – 5th graders of McFarlin! Are you ready to swing, hop, and explore with Katie and Zach at the OKC Zoo? 🦓🦒 It’s a chance to hang out, make new friends, and have a blast outside of school. And guess what? You can even bring a friend along for the animal-tastic fun!

Parents and families, you’re invited too! While you’re welcome to join, it’s totally okay if your little adventurers want to spread their wings on their own. We’ll be providing transportation for kids ages 4 and up in our church vehicles, so you’ll be in safe hands throughout the trip.

What to Pack in Your Safari Bag:

  • 💵 $13 for zoo entrance (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)
  • 🥪 A yummy packed lunch
  • ☀️ Sunscreen to keep you shining and protected
  • 👒 A hat for that extra cool factor
  • 🚰 Reusable water bottle to stay hydrated like a true explorer
  • 👟 Comfy shoes for all the walking and fun ahead

Check-in will be between 8-8:20am at the church. Make sure to have your safari gear on and your enthusiasm at its peak! We’ll be back at the church by 5pm, where you can share all your wild tales of the day.

Sign up now by clicking the button above! 

Get ready to ROAR with excitement, laughter, and animal antics. It’s going to be a day full of memories you’ll cherish forever! 🐵🦁🦍

See you there, explorers! 🌟🐾